Sparking Together

A proposal for an European AI on-demand platform

As part of Horizon 2020 Work Programme from 2018 to 2020, the European Commision has established a call to create a European AI-on-demand platform which mobilise the European AI community to support businesses and sectors in accessing expertise, knowledge, algorithms and tools to successfully apply AI thereby generating market impact. An additional call for language technologies has also being established.

Sparking Together is an initiative to create a strong proposal applying to that call. The basis of this proposal is starting from available platforms and communities to bring on board significant contributions from all European AI stakeholders. To bootstrap this community we endorse to bring arround 150 partners to the consortium following an Open Call procedure. At this point the procedures for this pre-proposal open call are being defined. In any case you are invited to show your interest in participating by applying in this site. The funding for these applications will range from 25,000 EUR to 200,000 EUR based on its contribution.


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“To achieve by the end of the next decade the knowledge required to build artificial systems that augment human capabilities and allow us to solve complex challenges around key societal aspects.”


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  • Community-driven project, large community involved: +150 partners; experts committees for strategy advisors, Strategic Research Agenda definition, and community governance.
  • Open call for proposal: consortium building & community engagement.
  • Expected partners: no big egos, proven track on AI, willing to collaborate, community supporters.
  • Industry-led, but assuring a neutral and agnostic platform. All are welcome!
  • Linking existing and future initiatives: projects (ROSin, RobMoSys); topics (ICT-29); data repo.; PPPs (BDVA, SPARC, ETP4HPC, EuCog), …
  • 2 years population + 1 year escalation. Follow-up starting 2021.


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Multidisciplinary community, addressing technical and non-technical aspects. Such a large ecosystem will be organized around different activity blocks, keeping the community at the core of the research:

Our community drives the implementation, population, escalation and sustainability of the AI-on-demand platform. This will be articulated during the project through a challenge-oriented matrix structure, mapping demand with offer (application-driven demands vs. technology-pushed offer).

High impact and strategic verticals are key to the success and sustainability of the platform by actually engaging with a multi-sectorial community. Each of these verticals is led by representative domain-core industries (as end-users/OEMs), supported by relevant actors throughout the whole supply value chain within such application domain (from major Integrators/Tier1, system/equipment providers, technology providers including SMEs & startups, researcher centers, and academics).


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We are looking for you! We are open to anyone willing to join our initiative. Several potential roles are available:

  • Horizontal AI technology provider:
    • Let us know your expertise. We are willing to integrate contributions on any AI areas (computer vision, big data, machine/deep learning, cognitive systems, intelligent control, natural language processing, reasoning systems, rule-based systems, etc.) but also integrating related fields (data sources, frameworks and tools, auditory, sensors processing and Internet of Things, interfaces, etc.).
  • Vertical expertise in specific domains demanding AI technology:
    • Domain experts are required as users of this platform. We are bringing together expert partners on strategic and high impact areas (space and Earth Observation, manufacturing & industry, transport and autonomous vehicles, healthcare, robotics, finance & insurtech, telco, consumer electronics, energy, infrastructure, agrifood, fast movement consumer goods, retail, …).
  • Other related and transversal areas:
    • We are expecting an heterogeneous and multidisciplinary community, so we are open to you expertise if you feel it can fit in the ecosystem, both technical and non-technical knowledge. Ethical and legal issues, data privacy, strategic research, data and platform governance strategies, business ecosystems and models, sustainability, communicatio0n and dissemination…


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